About Claude Hofer

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"Can art change the world?" the photographer and street art artist JR asks.  

The constant confrontation with fine arts, literature, theatre, music and most importantly photography has shaped me.

In my passion for photography I try to tell stories about people and places on the basis of images. When meeting exciting people and my overall love for human beings activates my desire to service mankind.

That's why my motivation is primarily to focus my photographic work on culture and cultural diversity.




March 2017
Seminar Thomas Meyer / Ostkreuzschule 
Kunstraum Bethanien, Studio 1
Theme: Reitschule 

April 2018 
Seminar Thomas Meyer / Ostkreuzschule 
Kunstraum Bethanien, Projektraum
Theme: Budo / The way to the knowledge


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Culture and cultural diversity